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> Build method is a hacked Linux From Scratch, to resume it:
> * Create a chroot env with build tools using the available packages
> * In the chroot, compile a temporary toolchain. This toolchain is
> created as a cross-compiler: it doesn't use host system libraries / it
> can compile for other archs. This toolchain is not packaged. It's
> installed directly into the chroot, at /tools. A good cook order
> (defined into /etc/slitaz/tazwok.conf) ensure that temp toolchain
> is builded against itself
> * Remove all stuff for the initial environment: only temporary
> toolchain remains (it includes all the needed stuff to compile/create
> packages: SliTaz tools, busybox, lzma, patch, autotools etc...)
> * Use the temporary toolchain to cook&pack the definitive one.

I was your real IMPROVED my original tazwok/tazbb, thanks :-)

> So, it's how the toolchain can be compiled. Then, the full repository
> can be recooked using tazwok cook-all --forced --missing (it includes
> the "other packages involved into toolchain" I talked about just
> bellow).
> Tazwok will build a cookorder using receipts in wok, so all packages
> should build in the right order. This ensure that all package, aswell
> as it's build depends before it, are builded against new toolchain.

Ok so let me know wat I need to do on tank to use new tools in the
defaut cooking chroot to rebuill all packages. I will set-up the
enviroment (shoul be Simple... Light...) and then the build bot will do
the job when dev commit in the wok and I dont need to give root access
to anyone on Tank... even Pascal (he is also a dangerous guy :-)

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