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> Here's what we achieved in 3 weeks with tazwok-experimental :
> more than 500 commits into wok
> more than 150 commits into SliTaz tools
> 1512 packages cooked on tank, from scratch
> 1642 packages cooked on Godane's computer, continuing from tanks works
> theses last days
> 1940 packages cooked on my own computer, from scratch
> Crossing theses repository 2187 / 2783 packages are actually known to
> cook well.
> Isos are known to run well. :)

Ok cool, so we can use tazwok-experimental by default, it' handle
better build-deps...

> Other things on to-do-before-release:
> * Translate SliTaz tools ?
> * Make slitaz-installer able to works from liveUSB/loram etc ?

It works from liveUSB.

> * Update tool docs (tazpkg doc need some info about options which can
> be used with various function, I think about search-file,
> search-pkgname etc - I started to works on the tazwok-experimental
> one)
> * What about ARM project ?


> * What's tiny wok project ?
> * Some job to do into french translation of handbook
> * Two projects I talked about: libre/e17 SliTaz flavors.
> -*==* Add yours...
> I think we should at least cook-commit for the 1512 packages on tank's
> experimental repository and release up-to-date ISO (did you push
> you're udev fix into boot scripts? - we need it).

And how many time to rebuild everything from scratch on new tank to
ensure we have all package build on the same arch and spec ? It would be
optimal fo package consitency. In the cas we rebuild all pkgs it's
better to use tazwok-experimental than the old one.

I will push it and a faster shutdown script.

- Christophe

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