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> First, you need to setup an experimental sandbox to have last tools
> available (tazwok/libtaz/tazpkg).
> # Temporaly use experimental to install the sandbox.
> sandbox=/home/sandbox
> tazpkg setup-mirror
> tazpkg get-install busybox --root=$sanbox
> tazpkg get-install libtaz --root=$sandbox
> tazpkg get-install tazpkg --root=$sandbox
> tazpkg get-install tazwok --root=$sandbox
> cp -a /etc/resolv.conf  $sandbox/resolv.conf
> # Switch back to stable repository.
> tazpkg setup-mirror

Ok for this step but we need a sandbox into /home/slitaz/$version on
Tank, because we have stable and cooking

> # You probably want to mount /home/slitaz into the chroot
> mkdir $sandbox/home/slitaz
> mount /home/slitaz $sandbox/home/slitaz

No I dont. I dont want to much mess in /home/slitaz on Tank, just:
cooking, stable, repos and www.

Can I have:

mkdir $sandbox/home/slitaz
mount /home/slitaz/cooking $sandbox/home/slitaz

And wich is the goal of this sandbox ?

- Christophe

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