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On Fri, 18 Feb 2011 19:25:42 +0100
Christophe Lincoln <pankso@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Can I have:
> sandbox=/home/slitaz/cooking/sandbox
> mkdir $sandbox/home/slitaz
> mount /home/slitaz/cooking $sandbox/home/slitaz
> And wich is the goal of this sandbox ?

The "sandbox" is in fact an experimental environnment, from where you
can run experimental tools; it's a solution to keep stable on server
while having experimental tools. It's not the chroot to cook packages

You have to mount /home/slitaz into it, so it's like the tank
environnment but using an experimental system.

It's a solution waiting new stable release, where new tazwok and others
tools will be well integrated and sandbox will no more be needed.

I don't understand why you persist to use cooking as base, while we
cooked 1500+ packages using experimental on tank (exactly the same
"normal" way used for cook cooking)

You are going to screw systems if you mirror new repository as cooking
without all the packages.
GoKhlaYeh <gokhlayeh@xxxxxxxxxx>

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