Re: [Sawfish] installing sawfish in xubuntu

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greg heil <emanuensis@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> None of the "help" items (from the 3rd mouse button) except "about
> sawfish" and xfce items work.

Same for me.

> Sawfish seems to survive in identities after a logout. Even through a
> reboot and shutdown! A second go at
> sawfish --replace
> causes a lot of flashing but leaves sawfish back in charge.
> Now that i have rebooted i seem to have lost both xfce panels...
> permanently unless there is someway to turn off sawfish.

I rebooted system to check this and for me xfce starts normally with
panels and without sawfish as window manager and I have to repeat
'sawfish --replace' command.

The only way I know I can start sawfish without panels is to choose
sawfish session from gdm login screen.

Tomasz Gajewski

Sawfish ML

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