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On 25/12/2011 22:50, Vincent Rivière wrote:

I measure the time taken for the Restore command by using Hatari's VBL
traces between "fdc type I restore" and "fdc complete command". On
Falcon it is (156 - 12) = 144 VBLs which means 2.4 seconds at 60 Hz.
According to fdc.c, it should be 1.2 second (1.2 second for motor on and
~0 second for Restore from track 0).

So it seems that the FDC delays are twice as expected in Falcon mode.
This is enough to explain all my trouble.


I barely use the Falcon mode, so I never noticed this.

In fact, the Falcon Ajax FDC uses a 16 MHz clock, while other ST models use a 8 MHz, and a stated in FDC_DelayToCpuCycles, FDC_Freq is expected to be the same as CPU_Freq (ie 8 MHz) for correct timings calculation.

So, on Falcon converting an FDC delay from microsec to cpu cycles returned twice the expected value. This is now corrected, I added a special case for Falcon to correct the cpu cycles.

All your delays should now be the same as on STF.

example from tos 4.04 booting in falcon mode :

fdc write 8604 data=0x0 VBL=133 video_cyc=878 366@1 pc=e045d2
fdc write 8604 command=0x0 VBL=133 video_cyc=878 366@1 pc=e045d2
fdc type I restore drive=0 current_track=0x0 VBL=133 video_cyc=878 366@1 pc=e045d2
fdc start motor VBL=133 video_cyc=878 366@1 pc=e045d2
fdc complete command VBL=193 video_cyc=11854 78@23 pc=e04524

Thanks for noticing this.


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