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Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
Now, it would be interesting to know what tests does emutos to consider
the drive b: is bogus ? So far, Atari's TOS in falcon mode are working
with our WD1772 emulation, so emutos should be able to work too with the
proper tests.

Oh, so there is a bug in EmuTOS floppy routines. Strangely, it works fine with ARAnyM... It also works fine on Hatari with ST/TT hardware, with any CPU/speed combination. But it fails on Hatari as soon as Falcon hardware is selected.

Some info from Didier Méquignon:
In HD bits 0/1 of 0xFFFF860E.W are set.
In DD bits 0/1 of 0xFFFF860E.W are cleared.

Why 2 bits, I don't know.

Also, EmuTOS uses the bit 6 of the hardware DIP switches to detect a High Density floppy drive. But this information is not used afterwards.

I will have to make some investigation...

Vincent Rivière

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