Re: [hatari-users] Floppy in Falcon mode

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On 24/12/2011 20:08, Vincent Rivière wrote:
Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
This looks fine, I added some traces to devel sources, can you update
your hg version and run your tests again ?

hg pull didn't retrieve anything :-(

Are you sure you're using the new repo ?

hg pull

However (sorry, this should belong to hatari-devel), I found something
surprising in src/fdc.c:
static int FDC_DelayToCpuCycles ( int Delay_micro )
Delay = (int) ( ( (Sint64)MachineClocks.FDC_Freq * Delay_micro ) /
1000000 ) & -4;

The function is named "DelayToCpuCycles", but the used frequency is the
FDC one... That should be the CPU one, isn't it ? I suspect the FDC
delays using a wrong clock in Falcon mode (at least 68030)...

As said in the comment above this line, the cpu freq and fdc freq are now supposed to be the same 8 MHz and this is a 'fixme' issue for later. But this shouldn't affect timings.

From the log, I don't see anything special. Do you get the same
differences if you use falcon mode but with a 8 MHz CPU ?

Exact same wrong behavior in all Falcon modes: 8, 16 and 32 MHz 68030 CPU.

So, I don't think the problem comes from the cpu/speed used.

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