Re: [hatari-users] Floppy in Falcon mode

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On 25/12/2011 19:42, Vincent Rivière wrote:
Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
Are you sure you're using the new repo ?

D'Oh! I forgot to switch to the new one. Done.

But the traces are still the same. No Step trace. That's not very
surprising, since I guess the heads of both drives are initially on
track 0 at startup.

Finally, the only abnormal thing I experience now is that the Restore
command takes too much time in Falcon mode. I suspect that all the FDC
timings are wrong (too long) in Falcon mode.


what's important in the new trace is that it should display current_track=xxx in the restore command. Can you send the trace you get for A: and B: ? Unless the value of current_track is known, it's not possible to conclude timings are different on STF/Falcon.


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