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On 23/12/2011 21:56, Vincent Rivière wrote:
Vincent Rivière wrote:
Oh, so there is a bug in EmuTOS floppy routines. Strangely, it works
fine with ARAnyM... It also works fine on Hatari with ST/TT hardware,
with any CPU/speed combination. But it fails on Hatari as soon as Falcon
hardware is selected.


1) It always worked fine with the B: drive. I made wrong tests.

2) About the A: problems, it was actually a timeout issue! On Hatari in
Falcon mode, a Restore (goto track 0) command on A: takes about 2.5
seconds, while in any other cases (including drive B: in Falcon mode !)
it takes less than 1.5 seconds. So I will increase the EmuTOS timeout.
Does this make sense ?

Hatari timings for FDC are now *very* accurate, a lot of improvements and testing with many cases (games' protection) were made.

Restoring to track 0 should take the same time for A: or B: ; do you use exactly the same fdc commands ? Do you wait for motor on in your fdc commands ? What stepping rate do you use ?

Even with a 12 ms stepping rate, restoring from track 79 should take a little less than 1 sec, so it all depends on the optional bits you use in the restore command.

Anyway, if fdc commands are the same for A: and B:, then it means floppy drive's heads were not on the same track when doing the restore command.

As for the timeout to use, 2.5-3 sec should be ok, but I don't see in what case you can reach the timeout, except on a disconnect or damaged floppy drive (or maybe if you set FDC's verify bit and track 0 is not formatted)


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