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On 23/12/2011 18:26, Vincent Rivière wrote:

I notice that the floppy drives does not work with EmuTOS running on
Hatari in Falcon mode. EmuTOS only detects a bogus drive B.

Does Hatari accurately emulate Falcon floppy hardware ?
If I'm not wrong, the ST/TT have a WD1772 floppy disk controller, while
the Falcon has an AJAX controller, with high-density support and a few
different hardware bits.

Currently, EmuTOS only supports WD1772. If Hatari Falcon floppy hardware
can be trusted, I will add AJAX support in EmuTOS.


Hatari doesn't emulate the ajax controller, but it's pin compatible and backward compatible with the old wd1772. It will handle HD floppy.

So, adding ajax compatibility to emutos won't be used for now in Hatari, as this chip is not emulated.

Now, it would be interesting to know what tests does emutos to consider the drive b: is bogus ? So far, Atari's TOS in falcon mode are working with our WD1772 emulation, so emutos should be able to work too with the proper tests.


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