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On 25/12/2011 01:54, Vincent Rivière wrote:

2) I'm going to follow your advices and set the EmuTOS timeout value to
2.5 seconds (or 3 ?) instead of the current 1.5 seconds which may be too
tight in the real world for restore commands with spin-up.

Now that delays are OK for falcon, maybe you can keep 1.5 (I don't know what values / method are used by Atari's TOS to detect a drive is there or not)

3) I'm considering changing EmuTOS to detect floppy drives with a
Restore command with spin-up sequence disabled. Do you think this is a
sensible idea ?

I don't know if it's better ; TOS uses spin-up sequence, so maybe it's better to uses it too (especially if you later want to do a restore with verify=1, not doing the spin-up sequence could cause wrong result on a real hardware).

As for the spin-up / motor on flag, it's unclear in the schematic I have what is the behaviour when motor is ON for drive A: and you change to drive B: . As the FDC only knows one floppy drive, I would think that it's not aware drive select was changed in ff8802, so it would consider the spin-up sequence is already OK for drive B: But I might be wrong, I don't have documentation or real measures to verify this.


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