Re: [hatari-devel] Hatari macOS builds - handover need?

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On 23/04/2023 22.38, Chris Jenkins wrote:

     > It works, with caveats:
     > - Hatari starts ok if I right click and click Open. It's unsigned so
    I have
     > to open it that way.

    That only happens during the first time you run the app, right? Or does
    that happen every time you try to run the app?

This happens every time I run the app.
One thing I should add: this Hatari binary asks for permission to use my microphone every time that I launch it :-(. So I assume that's another permission that has to be granted every time that the unsigned app is launched.

Hmm, this all sounds like providing unsigned apps is too annoying nowadays on macOS. I guess I should rather stop my experiments with cirrus-CI here and let somebody else handle the macOS builds instead who has a proper developer ID from Apple. (And no, I certainly won't get one on my own - I certainly won't pay 99$ a year for something that I'm not using on my own)


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