Re: [hatari-devel] Hatari macOS builds - handover need?

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Could you or someone with macOS >= 10.9 please check whether this build
works (i.e. the application can be started):

It works, with caveats:
- Hatari starts ok if I right click and click Open. It's unsigned so I have to open it that way.
- If I use a GEMDOS drive mapped to my Documents folders, it asks for permission to access the Documents folder _every time_ any operation touches that drive. I assume that's also because it's unsigned.

So yes, it basically does work :-)

(click on Artifacts -> hatari ->

It's still in a rough shape, no libpng or other libraries included yet, no
EmuTOS in the package and no nice readme files yet, but it would be
interesting to know whether it basically works or whether I'm still on the
wrong track.


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