Re: [hatari-devel] Hatari macOS builds - handover need?

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I still have a Mac and would be willing to help out if I can. But I think Thomas's suggestion of publishing artefacts from the CI build is probably the best option.

I think we could update the macOS CI job in the Cirrus-CI to publish the
built binary as CI artifacts there. However, these runners are arm64 only,
so I guess that means "good bye" for the x86 support? Or is XCode on ARM
still ablte to built binaries for x86, too?

My understanding is that Xcode on Apple Silicon _can_ create x86 binaries (or universal binaries) no problem. See for example 

Anyway, Troed, could you please sent me the script that you used to compile
and create the dmg images? That would be very helpful for extending the CI


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