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On 9.12.2022 11.45, Christian Zietz wrote:
Nicolas Pomarède schrieb:
good catch, it's true that most programs that want to go 16 MHz often
set cache too

Yes, because 16 MHz without cache doesn't bring a huge performance benefit.

Looking at the CoreMark results...
... it shows that from 8 MHz to 16 MHz *without* cache you only get a
boost of about 10%(!), whereas going from 8 MHz to 16 MHz *with* cache
brings you about +90%.

What kind of cache we're talking about?

I know 030 has only 256 byte icache, and I haven't heard 68000 having cache except it being mentioned few times in relation to MegaSTE with no details (I though 68000 had just things like instruction pairing).

Nicolas, is it documented anywhere that Hatari does not support emulation of that cache control?

At least it's not mentioned in todo.txt...

	- Eero

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