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On 24.5.2022 10.15, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
Le 24/05/2022 à 02:20, Eero Tamminen a écrit :
   - If somebody uses newer distro, it would be good if you could check Python UI on them (= new Gtk versions)

=> DONE?

Here's what I get
Python 3.10.4
gtk 3.24.34

Debian stable has almost same versions:
- Python: 3.9.2
- Gtk: 3.24.24

just some warnings when starting :

/home/npomarede/src/hatari.git/python-ui/./ DeprecationWarning: Gtk.ActionGroup.list_actions is deprecated
   self.action_names = [x.get_name() for x in self.actions.list_actions()]
/home/npomarede/src/hatari.git/python-ui/./ DeprecationWarning: Gtk.Action.get_name is deprecated
   self.action_names = [x.get_name() for x in self.actions.list_actions()]
--right about,|,run,pause,forward,|,reset,|,quit
/home/npomarede/src/hatari.git/python-ui/./ DeprecationWarning: Gtk.Action.set_accel_group is deprecated
/home/npomarede/src/hatari.git/python-ui/./ DeprecationWarning: Gtk.ActionGroup.get_action is deprecated
   action = self.actions.get_action(name)
/home/npomarede/src/hatari.git/python-ui/./ DeprecationWarning: Gtk.Action.create_menu_item is deprecated
   item = action.create_menu_item()
/home/npomarede/src/hatari.git/python-ui/./ DeprecationWarning: Gtk.Action.create_tool_item is deprecated
   widget = self.actions.get_action(action).create_tool_item()

Apart from that it seems to work when going in all the menus and running hatari.

Thanks for testing!

(Above warnings are harmless and getting rid of them would mean rewriting sizable part of the current GUI code for the newer widgets (which work quite differently), so it's something I'll do onl when I have a lot more time, or somebody else provides patch for it. Definitely not before release. :-))

	- Eero

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