Re: [hatari-devel] Patch to fix crash saving midi preferences on Mac

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(I added relevant commit IDs to commit message
and fixed indenting, as your code editor seems to have replaced some
tabs with 4 spaces.)

Thanks for fixing the indenting (and sorry for introducing it). I used VS Code, which is normally good at auto-detecting indentation style. I guess not for objc code... :-/

PS. Within last year or two I've learned Golang, which is fairly nice
mix between C and Python. While I have some reservations for the
language itself, I'm in love with its tooling.

E.g. code formatting is a builtin feature which means that one run "go
fmt" after every change / before commits, without even needing to check
the results, which is not the case with C (and Objective-C used by Mac GUI)..

And Golang tooling is lightning fast as parsing speed is one of the
design goals of the language...

I really must try golang some time. I know an increasing number of people that use it and they say good things about it.

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