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Status update on my remaining items...

On 24.5.2022 3.20, Eero Tamminen wrote:
On 8.5.2022 21.55, Eero Tamminen wrote:
But what I'm hoping to look into before release are:
>> * Run TOS boot tester with several TOS versions

I already did one run, but I think I need to re-run everything after EmuTOS + 030 MMU regression is fixed.

After the fix, I think somebody should check also bunch of Falcon demos.

Laurent, would you have time for that?

* LANG / country code setting.

LANG part is dropped.

There are two alternatives that are acceptable for setting TOS contry code:
* Completely new --country-code option
* When *both* of the already existing (NVRAM) language & layout options are set to same value

Patch for latter is ready, but I can do separate option before release too.

Nicolas, which one you would prefer?

Setting country code i.e. messing with how TOS interprets scancodes, when user asks only for language change, is not acceptable. I already found out that it breaks automation of injecting text to Hatari through remote API, not just users' keyboard configs (which was discussed earlier). So maybe there are also other things it breaks.

>> * Debugging improvements stuff being discussed in threads here and at
>> atari-forum
> Partly done.  Waiting for list comments on last patches.

Still no comments => rest will go after release.

>> * Add support for relevant new Hatari options to Python UI, and make
>> sure it works at least on Debian Stable, both with (Gnome) X & Wayland


>>    - If somebody uses newer distro, it would be good if you could
>> check Python UI on them (= new Gtk versions)


	- Eero

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