Re: [hatari-devel] Preparing for next release 2.4

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Le 24/05/2022 à 02:20, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

   - If somebody uses newer distro, it would be good if you could check Python UI on them (= new Gtk versions)

=> DONE?

Here's what I get
Python 3.10.4
gtk 3.24.34

just some warnings when starting :

/home/npomarede/src/hatari.git/python-ui/./ DeprecationWarning: Gtk.ActionGroup.list_actions is deprecated
  self.action_names = [x.get_name() for x in self.actions.list_actions()]
/home/npomarede/src/hatari.git/python-ui/./ DeprecationWarning: Gtk.Action.get_name is deprecated
  self.action_names = [x.get_name() for x in self.actions.list_actions()]
--right about,|,run,pause,forward,|,reset,|,quit
/home/npomarede/src/hatari.git/python-ui/./ DeprecationWarning: Gtk.Action.set_accel_group is deprecated
/home/npomarede/src/hatari.git/python-ui/./ DeprecationWarning: Gtk.ActionGroup.get_action is deprecated
  action = self.actions.get_action(name)
/home/npomarede/src/hatari.git/python-ui/./ DeprecationWarning: Gtk.Action.create_menu_item is deprecated
  item = action.create_menu_item()
/home/npomarede/src/hatari.git/python-ui/./ DeprecationWarning: Gtk.Action.create_tool_item is deprecated
  widget = self.actions.get_action(action).create_tool_item()

Apart from that it seems to work when going in all the menus and running hatari.


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