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Status update.

On 8.5.2022 21.55, Eero Tamminen wrote:
But what I'm hoping to look into before release are:

* Debugging improvements stuff being discussed in threads here and at atari-forum

Partly done.  Waiting for list comments on last patches.

(It would be nice to have same amount of options support for "uae" disassembler as there's for "ext" one, but I do not have enough time. Maybe for the next release, so that we can remove ext-disassembler.)

* authors.txt/thanks.txt update + this:


* Update & move Hatari UI docs to Hatari repo (as that site is going away):


* Check Python UI Debian patches and that install still work with them:


* Add support for relevant new Hatari options to Python UI, and make sure it works at least on Debian Stable, both with (Gnome) X & Wayland


  - If somebody uses newer distro, it would be good if you could check Python UI on them (= new Gtk versions)

=> DONE?

* Run TOS boot tester with several TOS versions

> * LANG / country code setting.

Still open?

	- Eero

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