Re: [hatari-devel] defaulting to SMALL_MEM

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On 13.2.2022 18.07, Thomas Huth wrote:
Question is: What do you expect to see on the screen in those cases? I
haven't tried on a real ST, but it's certainly only garbage or nothing
at all. So if you know of a program that depends on that behavior, we
can certainly try to emulate it, otherwise, let's just be happy that
Hatari does not crash anymore.

I was not expecting anything particular about what shows on screen. Just it not crashing.

What was missing though: Video_CopyScreenLineMono() should still update
the pSTScreen pointer at the end, otherwise the host screen does not
get updates in the bottom part anymore.

These were the kind of things I was worried about. And e.g. program freezing if it's expecting some counter to increase that does not.

(Color code is a lot more complicated, so it's a lot harder to see what could go wrong there.)

> I fixed that now, too.

I do not see it yet.  Did you forget to push?

	- Eero

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