Re: [hatari-devel] defaulting to SMALL_MEM (was: Hatari on constrained devices)

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Eero Tamminen schrieb:

I think I bumped into additional SMALL_MEM issue:
$ hatari -s 10 --machine falcon --tos tos404.img .
WARN : unsupported Falcon ST-RAM amount 10240, changing to 14336 KB
Segmentation fault

There seems to be something amiss with the Falcon emulation in general.
Even if I start Hatari with "-s 4 --machine falcon --tos TOS404.IMG",
i.e, a supported RAM size, I just get a black window for a few seconds
which then closes without any error message. In contrast, EmuTOS boots
under Falcon emulation.

This is with commit 175b878a, either using my own Windows builds or the
one from


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