Re: [hatari-devel] defaulting to SMALL_MEM

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On 12.2.2022 22.15, Christian Zietz wrote:
Thomas Huth schrieb:
I've now committed a fix, please check whether it's working for you,

I just tested commit 0b353ce1 and can confirm the crash with TOS 4.04 is
You also found and successfully fixed the comparable issue (i.e.,
Shifter reading past the end of ST RAM) in ST mode, which I noticed
yesterday but didn't report yet.

I'm not so sure the fix for video.c is correct.

It returns from the Video_CopyScreenLine*() functions _without_ internal variables being updated. E.g. "pVideoRaster" is used to calculate some emulation values and just skipping its update when wrong ST-RAM area would be read seems wrong.

Especially considering that non-existing ST-RAM areas can be *read* without exceptions, at least in some cases...

	- Eero

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