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Le 27/05/2020 à 20:43, Thomas Huth a écrit :

I haven't completely looked through that code, but to my understanding,
such fullscreen routines do something in almost each and every line of
the screen... there are certainly some spots where you could try to fit
such a natfeats instruction (e.g. right before the final "move.w
#$2300,(SP)" instruction), and in the worst case you could also
sacrifice the last line and not open the borders there to gain some
spare time ... but still, if the routine is then not working on a real
ST anymore, that's rather unfortunate, I think.

I think it's possible to set an exception for illegal instruction to catch the natfeats under a real ST (or when natfeats is disabled) and then you can call it after the last fullscreen line. In all cases, last fullscreen line will be HBL 307 (or 309 by going to 60 Hz again, I don't think flix's code is doing that).

So, once on HBL 310 for example, there shouldn't be any cycle accuracy required, fullscreen code should just wait for the next VBL and calling natfeats function should not have an impact.


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