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Le 27/05/2020 à 19:32, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

  - natfeats "screenshot filename.png"

Being able to give a screenshot name is a good,
but I think I'll return an error if there are any
path separators given.  Emulated program should
not be able to dictate on which directories it
writes to.


yes, command should be simple and not allow accessing every path.
User can use the "screenshot dir" option if required.

  - natfeats "print 'fullscreen test complete'"
  - natfeats "quit hatari"

These are NF_STDERR & NF_EXIT natfeats calls.

This way, no more sync problem or sleep to adjust, you can even run hatari in fast forward mode during the test and it will work.

They already can run in fast forward mode, and looking at Thomas', it already does.

I.e. 0.2s (and now 0.1s) wait can actually cover
a much larger range of VBLs, than what I thought
in my earlier mail...

Yes, but what I meant is that even if it runs fast already, being able to remove "sleep" from tests would be good because it's never easy to fine tune the sleep delay for all possible cases/tests.

By using natfeats calls and waiting for a specific message, you know the test is in progress / complete, you just have to wait for each messages that the test can print.


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