Re: [hatari-devel] Basepage and proc_lives debugging from the debugger

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Matthias Arndt schrieb:

> This always pointed to TOS and its exception handler in my cases

Then I guess you must be doing something wrong:

> setopt -D
INFO : Exception debugging enabled (0x203).
> setopt --debug-except bus
INFO : Exception debugging changed (0x203 -> 0x1).
> c
Returning to emulation...
Bus error exception at 0x2558e!
Reading symbols from program 'C:\Temp\atari\FLASHROM.TTP' symbol table...
TOS executable, DRI / GST symbol table, reloc=0, program flags: FASTLOAD
ERROR: symbol table missing from the program!
ERROR: reading symbols from 'C:\Temp\atari\FLASHROM.TTP' failed!

CPU=$2558e, VBL=3651, FrameCycles=12352, HBL=55, LineCycles=32, DSP=N/A
$0002558e : 31fc 0003 fa42                     move.w    #3,$fffffa42.w
> c
Returning to emulation...
Bus error exception at 0x25420!

CPU=$25420, VBL=3875, FrameCycles=53612, HBL=239, LineCycles=76, DSP=N/A
$00025420 : 33fc aaaa 00e0 aaaa                move.w    #$aaaa,$e0aaaa
> r
  D0 00007198   D1 00000000   D2 00000001   D3 00007198
  D4 00040000   D5 00150079   D6 00000000   D7 00000000
  A0 00068192   A1 00026F1B   A2 00026BEC   A3 00E00000
  A4 000672D4   A5 00067012   A6 003F7FC6   A7 0006819E
USP  00068198 ISP  0006819E
T=00 S=1 M=0 X=0 N=1 Z=0 V=0 C=0 IMASK=7 STP=0
Prefetch 33fc (MOVE) 33fc (MOVE) Chip latch 00000000
00025420 33fc aaaa 00e0 aaaa      MOVE.W #$aaaa,$00e0aaaa [ffbc]
Next PC: 00025428

As you can see, for both bus errors that occurred during my test, Hatari
breaks at the instruction that caused the exception.

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