Re: [hatari-devel] Basepage and proc_lives debugging from the debugger

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Matthias Arndt schrieb:

> The TOS documentation says the exception number is stored in the top
> byte of the PC in this case.
> My guess is this is not handled specifically for TT or Falcon in
> official TOS versions as tens of MB of RAM was too pricy back then to
> take their address range into special consideration.

Any TT with any amount TT-RAM will use the address range past 0xFFFFFF.
So we're not talking about "tens of MB of RAM", here. It might very well
be that -- for compatibility with TOS 1 -- Atari still chose only to
save the lower 24 bits of the PC. But that's what I asked you to find
out. In that case, your patch could make this clear by displaying
something like "PC: $??133742".

> I don't know how this is handled for TT or Falcon. Feel free to clean
> up so that it works in all cases.

Imho, *any* patch proposed for Hatari should be checked to work in TT
and Falcon mode by its author.

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