Re: [hatari-devel] F22 060 demo (was: Hatari Falcon 060 emulation observations)

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On 11/11/18 11:35 PM, Laurent Sallafranque wrote:
I've managed to boot the CT60 TOS to the desktop with very few changes to hatari (That's only a proof of concept for now).
OK, booting like is not suffisant (SDRam IO registers contains only 64 Mb of ram, it doesn't take into accopunt the user settings). I've tried to run the demo F22 by lamers and the program stop at the inits complaining about the lake of FPU (but I've addded the internal CPU) and it says this program doesn't run on this machine or something like that).

F22 starts loading in non-modified Hatari with TOS v4 using:
hatari -s 4 --addr24 off --ttram 64 --trace os_base --machine falcon --cpulevel 6 --tos tos404.img --fpu internal --dsp none ./lms_f220.prg

But it stops while showing the "loading" text, after loading
a large number of files, with last one being this:
Object path: ./data/endpl.obd!
GEMDOS 0x3D Fopen(".\data\endpl.obd", read-only) at PC=0x1020E80
Read bytes: 0
Vertex count: 24622

It's just executing a VBL handler, nothing else, so I don't know
what went wrong.

It doesn't seem to care about DSP or MMU, but with less TT-RAM it
will stop proceeding a lot earlier.

	- Eero

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