Re: [hatari-devel] Hatari Falcon 060 emulation observations

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On 11/8/18 11:45 PM, Thomas Huth wrote:
Am Thu, 8 Nov 2018 18:14:49 +0100
schrieb Maciej Moczkowski <maciekmoczkowski@xxxxxxxxx>:
[...]>> 2) F22.0 stopped running on 1.9.0 about week before Silly Venture (was
running fine earlier)
Although running on real hardware we started to get bus error on 1.9.0
(only one working so far). The only thing we were able to figure out
is that difference was with just one more image file being loaded from
filesystem (using C api and malloc etc). Not loading file made demo
running again on 1.9.0 again. Sounds strange;)

Maybe a quirk with the GEMDOS HD emulation... it's not perfect. In case
you're interested, you could try to copy it to an IDE hard disk image
first and see whether it makes a difference.

There have been many fixes to Hatari and some to GEMDOS HD emulation
since v1.9, so maybe the issue is already fixed.

"Somebody" would first need to add necessary emulation additions
(or TOS patches) to get CT60 TOS working first, so that there's
a TOS version that emulates the FPU opcodes missing from 060...

Are you planning on looking into that?

(If yes, I can after that look into GEMDOS HD issues,
if they still happen with latest Hatari.)

	- Eero

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