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Am Thu, 8 Nov 2018 18:14:49 +0100
schrieb Maciej Moczkowski <maciekmoczkowski@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Hi,
> I am Maciej (MKM/Lamers) and just subscribed after AdamK told me about
> ongoing thread related to our new demo:
> I had few general problems I found during last demos development that
> might be helpful for hatari team:
> 1) FPU emulation and opcodes that disappeared in 060
> While doing LCF and SV2K18 Invitation and F22.0 I never succeeded to
> work on any newer hatari version than 1.9.0. Hatari 1.9.0 had a
> "fortunate bug" that internal 060 FPU emulation still included FPU
> opcodes that were removed from 060 and existed in 040. I guess you
> corrected it in newer version and it was "unfortunate fix" (as
> specifying external fpu was not helping)
> gcc4.6.4 produces those opcodes with (i use "-c -Wall -m68060 -O3
> --omit-frame-pointer") and they are properly emulated by CT60 TOS so
> produced code is fully workable on real hardware.

Ok, great, thanks, that's the perfect explanation why it does not work
in Hatari anymore - the opcodes are not emulated here.

> 2) F22.0 stopped running on 1.9.0 about week before Silly Venture (was
> running fine earlier)
> Although running on real hardware we started to get bus error on 1.9.0
> (only one working so far). The only thing we were able to figure out
> is that difference was with just one more image file being loaded from
> filesystem (using C api and malloc etc). Not loading file made demo
> running again on 1.9.0 again. Sounds strange;)

Maybe a quirk with the GEMDOS HD emulation... it's not perfect. In case
you're interested, you could try to copy it to an IDE hard disk image
first and see whether it makes a difference.

> 3) VGA/RGB vbl rate
> I am not 100% sure but had impression that in VGA mode vbl is still
> 50hz instead of 60hz as my demo timing was off. (would need to double
> check)

Your impression is likely right: Hatari does not emulate the timings of
the Videl chip yet, so VBL rate is very likely just wrong.

> Well, I guess it is all I can tell about issues/bugs I observed... I
> hope it might be useful. Thanks a lot for making hatari! It roxx:)


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