Re: [hatari-devel] MEMWATCH freezes Hatari

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When launching the demo with MEMWATCH active it immediately returns to
the desktop, without anything happing. Without MEMWATCH I can start the
demo, and it (most likely to be expected) complains about missing fonts.
The version of Tempus Word I'm usually using for testing is an older
licensed one. That one never works, it always freezes, both with and
without TT-RAM. I hear several pings after starting it, which means that
MEMWATCH has detected violations, but then it freezes.

Best regards


> Le 22/10/2018 à 08:13, Uwe Seimet a écrit :
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I'm afraid there is no improvement with my system: PD still crashes with a
> > double bus fault, and Tempus Word freezes, just like before. ASV, which
> > before was hanging in a loop because of the missing timer emulation now also
> > crashes with a double bus fault instead.
> > It does not make a difference whether I enable cycle exact and prefetch
> > or not.
> hi
> regarding tempus word, does the demo version here
> shows the crash for you too ? If so, I could try this demo version to 
> see what I get ? (it seems this version is both an update and a demo if 
> you don't have a licence)
> Nicolas

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