Re: [hatari-devel] MEMWATCH freezes Hatari

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Le 13/10/2018 à 09:39, Uwe Seimet a écrit :

Thank you for the patch.

Before this patch any program I was starting after MEMWATCH triggered the
bug. (Can you double check whether it really worked for you? From the
nature of the bug I'd say it is not possible to successfully start any
other program after starting MEMWATCH.)


yes, I'm sure it didn't crash, but it was some very simple programs that I tested. Just going supervisor and printing the content of a few HW registers.

With the patch applied I can now start other programs, i.e. the endless
loop is gone. But when starting the Pure Debugger I get a double bus
fault, when starting Tempus Word Hatari freezes as soon as Tempus Word
displays the file selector in order to load a document.

It's possible that the original issue has been resolved and there is
another one now. I will try to create a new trace log later.

Note that for even more log, you can change these lines in cpumm030.c


Use 1 instead of 0 ; but it's better to first narrow down the initial problem else you will get tons of debug, making it hard to follow.


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