Re: [hatari-devel] MEMWATCH freezes Hatari

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> yes, I'm sure it didn't crash, but it was some very simple programs that 
> I tested. Just going supervisor and printing the content of a few HW 
> registers.

The original issue on my system was not a crash but an endless loop when
starting any program after MEMWATCH.
Anyway, things appear to have improved, but testing is tricky.

> Note that for even more log, you can change these lines in cpumm030.c

Not even more output, please ;-). I tried to log the issue with Tempus
Word, but gave up when the logs reached about 20 GB and Tempus Word was
still loading from the emulated floppy.

> Use 1 instead of 0 ; but it's better to first narrow down the initial 
> problem else you will get tons of debug, making it hard to follow.

Right. Not sure when I'll be able to provide more information.

Best regards


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