Re: [hatari-devel] Hatari and OUTSIDE (virtual memory manager)

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> did you try outside too ?

OUTSIDE is very instable, crashes the system very often. Considering
that OUTSIDE make much more use of the PMMU than ROMSPEED does, it's
unlikely that OUTSIDE will work when ROMSPEED does not.

I think I already asked this, but no one responded: Is the PMMU
emulation actually complete, including function codes, master stack pointer,
stack frames etc.? How has the emulation been tested?

> I checked again the image you posted with the current devel version, and 
> there's no crash anymore :
> I run, it prompts me for the location of outside.prg, I 
> select the one in auto/ , then an config window appears. Then I press OK 
> and go back to desktop without any crash.
> Is there anything more to check ? Should I enter some specific values in 
> the config window ?

Yes, in the config window (texts should be in French with a French TOS)
you select your swap drive, page size etc. After configuring OUTSIDE.PRG
you have to launch it. OUTCONF is just for configuring, not for enabling
virtual memory. The properly configured OUTSIDE is what has to be
started. (Not necessarily from the AUTO folder.)

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