Re: [hatari-devel] ST bus error results

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Le 28/04/2018 à 12:34, Thomas Huth a écrit :

PS: Note that the IMP chipset not only differs in terms of bus error
generation but e.g. also in terms of handling of memory banks by the

Right, Nicolas already implemented some stuff in stMemory.c for this. I
think we should then just switch the Mega-ST over to IMP behavior. Does
that sound ok for you, Nicolas?


yes, this sounds OK for me. For now it was mainly a "broad" approach in the MMU code, sthg like "STE/megaSTE have IMP chipset for MMU" (ie only setting for bank 0 is taken into account) and "STF/megaSTF have the non IMP chipset" (ie much more "complex" rules to split a memory address into some physical address pins and banks can be of different size).

Using IMP (=STE MMU mode) for megaSTF should not be a problem, I will submit a change for that later.

But as Troed wrote, that's indeed a very interesting finding to be able to detect the chip based on some HW register giving a bus error or not (maybe this should be confirmed on more cases for several models)


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