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On 01/12/2017 11:09 PM, Thomas Huth wrote:
No, IMO there is really no more need for a help text for the keyboard
shortcuts nowadays anymore, since you can easily look up the keyboard
shortcuts in the "Keyboard" setup dialog.

Good point.

The keys used for navigating the dialogs, and these:
       Print  ST's HELP key

       Scroll lock
              ST's UNDO key

Aren't listed there, but I guess users can look those
from the manual.

Maybe cartridge intro should be just a new chip tune
(for compatibility reasons), with a text like:

    Celebrating Hatari vX.Y

Or just:
       Celebrating Hatari

    Chip tune by ComposerName

Considering that most people never run this program in the cartridge, I
think we should not add something here that we've got to change for each

Who's saying that it needs to be changed/updated?

We can ship an intro that celebrates an earlier release,
or Hatari in general. :-)

I think it would even be better to get rid of the cartridge one day
completely instead ...


So, should the cartridge program text changed
to just something like this (for now):

	Press F12 to open Hatari options
	dialog.  Click "Keyboard" button
	to see the available keyboard

	- Eero

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