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Le 12/01/2017 à 22:09, Thomas Huth a écrit :

Considering that most people never run this program in the cartridge, I
think we should not add something here that we've got to change for each

true that if we start changing this program on each release, then we should do it everytime, which could be pretty time consuming in the end.

I think a standalone intro released at the same time as a new Hatari version (and that could be run on real HW too) would have more visibility.

I think it would even be better to get rid of the cartridge one day
completely instead ...

One of the main drawback of the cartridge for gemdos HD is that it's sometime seen as a ripping cartdridge and some games/demos will refuse to start unless the gemdos HD drive is ejected. For this reason, I think that if we could have a better/stealthier mode not using cartridge then it would be easier for the user.


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