Re: [hatari-devel] test needed on a 4MB STF

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Troed Sångberg schrieb:

> What's the definition of "not work"? Most people I know with STEs,
> including myself, upgraded from 0.5MB to 2.5MB and ran happily with
> that. I think it was necessary to run a program that limited TOS to only
> use 2.5MB though, which is maybe what you meant? (Otherwise it thought
> the machine had 4MB)

Yes, that's what I meant: "doesn't work right out of the box". I should
have been more specific. You can see from my presentation that
fortunately on the STE the mapping from CPU address lines to RAM address
lines is such that having less memory than configured in bank 1 won't
cause a problem, as long as you don't try to access that non-existing RAM.

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