[hatari-devel] test needed on a 4MB STF

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could someone with a 4MB STF run the following program and take a few photos of the screen ?

This is a small program that displays several color patterns and then set the MMU to 2048, 512 or 128 K bank size.

I'd like to get a photo of the 3 modes to complete some MMU emulation in Hatari (I already did it on my 1 MB STF, but 4 MB gives different results that I can't guess)

So, run mmu_4m.prg, wait for 10 sec or so.
- Some patterns will be shown, take a photo of the whole screen (pattern + lines of text) - Press F5, screen will be like 'stretched' vertically, some lines are skipped ; take a photo of the screen (MMU is set to 512 K)
 - Press F4, more stretching (MMU set to 128K), take a 3rd photo.

In order to process the 3 photos, I need them to be as detailed as possible. If STF is connected to an LCD TV for example, this should give better results than a old LCD.

PS : if you want to play with this program, it also uses arrows key to move screen address or press keys 1-9, or press F1-F3 to change bank 0 settings too ; but I'm not sure it's of much value except to me at the moment :)


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