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Nicolas Pomarède schrieb:

> But if you can take the same photos for the STE setup, then it will be 
> of use to me too in the near future.

I can do that later...

> Do you mean different MMU on STE instead ? I thought the STF ones were 
> all the same and that it was the STE which had different versions and 
> "bugs" (like applying bank0 settings to bank1, prenventing to mix 
> different bank sizes) ?

No, I really mean different MMUs on the *STF*. It's long been known that
IMP MMUs in STF for example don't support 2,5 MiB configurations:
<>. The reason is
that these MMUs also use bank0 settings for both banks, i.e. they don't
allow the banks to differ.

> If they really differ on STF, then I'm interested in the one where you 
> can have different values for bank0 and bank1 (my test program assumes 
> they can differ)

Please find my photos here:
<>. On
the STF with 4 MiB RAM and IMP MMU -- as expected -- nothing happens
when I press F5 or F4, as the MMU ignores these settings. There are
however three pictures of my 4MiB STF with "non-IMP" MMU, that are
hopefully helpful.

> Yes, I read it as a base from my code, especially the MAD <-> CAS/RAS 
> mapping was very interesting. But I found some more "stranger" results 
> when using 128 K banks, I'd like to check all the cases and write a 
> small doc about my findings later.

You should know that the memory address lines (MAD9/MAD8) that are not
actively used with a given bank size still do toggle, at least on the
IMP MMU. So, for example if you really have 2048 kiB in a bank but set
the MMU to 512 kiB, MAD9 won't stay constantly high or low. In fact, if
I remember correctly, it follows MAD8 then. This obviously doesn't make
a difference when there really only are 512 kiB in a bank, since MAD9
isn't even connected then.

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