Re: [hatari-devel] Falcon cpu/dsp emu issue?

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Le 28/01/2016 18:51, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

That was a good catch, just commenting it away got
programs working.  With it, I guess only interrupt
/ exception handling added CPU cycles count for
the amount of stuff DSP would be run.

Yes, I rolled back the use of DSP_CyclesGlobalClockCounter, but it seems
I forgot to also comment "currcycle = 0" in that case :(

It seems to be in several cores (at least 030 and 040).

I will change this tonight and do more tests.

This is now fixed, dspbench and wilfire are now working in CE mode again.

There was also a small bug when starting hatari with tos 4.04 : hatari automatically switched to Falcon mode, but DSP was not enabled (you needed to change it in system settings)

I think some cases are missing though : when switching to another TOS than 4.xx and nDSPType was DSP_TYPE_EMU, then I think DSP_Disable should be called too (unless DSP can work with TOS 3 ?). Else, this will just call DSP_Run() for nothing and add a huge slowdown to emulation.

BTW Doug, do you have the result of dspbench when running on a stock Falcon ? Could be useful for further reference to check cpu/dsp accuracy in Hatari (or maybe this was already posted ?)

Look for more breakages, as I have a work in progress to change the way cycles are counted at 16/32 MHz :)


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