Re: [hatari-devel] Falcon cpu/dsp emu issue?

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On 01/25/2016 03:26 PM, Douglas Little wrote:
I recently started looking at the Q2 stuff again and to cut a long story
short - the current Hatari version in HG doesn't seem to run the code

It gets stuck in the first DSPExecProg() which is the system call to load a
DSP program. i.e. it hasn't started doing anything complicated yet - just
loading some binary code via TOS.

We mailed about this beginning of this month (see "Bad Mood freeze"

You can run Bad Mood etc. if you disable cycle exact mode
("--cpu-exact false") or use oldAUE CPU core.  It's some issue
in the WinUAE CPU core cycle exact mode.

If I rewind to the Nov 19th version (Laurent/Andreas' DSP patch) the
program launches ok. Something has happened since then which breaks it.

I can work with the older version but this seems serious enough that other
stuff might also not run?

Good question.  I tested several different demos, and *nothing*
that uses DSP works in the WinUAE cycle exact mode anymore
(some of them work when cycle exact mode is disabled).

Typically first DSP use happens with DSPExecProg(), but freeze
happens also with other demos using DSP, that don't use that
OS call.


	- Eero

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