Re: [hatari-devel] Falcon cpu/dsp emu issue?

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Le 28/01/2016 18:23, Thomas Huth a écrit :
On 28.01.2016 18:00, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
Le 28/01/2016 17:05, Douglas Little a écrit :
Only polling is used. TimerC on CPU side is used for measuring MIPS
using fixed number of DSP operations - but the DSP communications are
all manually done via host port.

good, one less possible cause of trouble :)

I currently don't have time for checking ... but looking at the code in
m68k_run_2ce(), I basically see the following sequence:


	/* Flush all CE cycles so far to update PendingInterruptCount */
	M68000_AddCycles_CE ( currcycle * 2 / CYCLE_UNIT );
	currcycle = 0;


	/* Run DSP 56k code if necessary */
	if (bDspEnabled) {
		DSP_Run(2 * currcycle * 2 / CYCLE_UNIT);
//		DSP_Run ( DSP_CPU_FREQ_RATIO * ( (CyclesGlobalClockCounter - DSP_CyclesGlobalClockCounter) << nCpuFreqShift ) );

So isn't currcycle always 0 when DSP_Run is called? Sounds like either
the "currcycle = 0" should be done later, or the disabled, second
DSP_Run() should be used instead?
(but as I said, I currently don't have time for checking, so I
might be completely wrong here)

Yes, I rolled back the use of DSP_CyclesGlobalClockCounter, but it seems I forgot to also comment "currcycle = 0" in that case :(

I will change this tonight and do more tests.


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