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Am Sat, 7 Jun 2014 12:52:32 -0500
schrieb Bob Carpenter <hatari@xxxxxxxxxx>:

> Thomas,
> Thank you for committing the patch. I downloaded the most recent code
> and the animation capture/end capture works fine. I was concerned
> when I received an AVI index error when trying to play the AVI.
> However, I received the same error when doing the capture through the
> SDL menu so it is not related to my very small change.
> Since the AVI files were so huge (20 GB for 3 minutes), I would not
> have kept them in that format anyway. I simply used VLC to convert
> the AVI file to M4V format. VLC helpfully offered to recreate the
> index and everything played perfectly. It also allowed me to play the
> AVI directly if I used VLC. QuickTime complained about the bad index
> and only played a few seconds of the video.


as far as I know, AVI files have normally a limit of 4 GB since some
fields in the header of the AVI file only have a size of 32 bits. So it
sounds quite "normal" that some programs like Quicktime might refuse
bigger AVI files. Not sure why your file got so big though, could you
maybe have a look at your hatari.cfg file to see which value is set in
the AviRecordVcodec variable?


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