Re: [hatari-devel] Things still remaining before v1.8 release?

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On sunnuntai 08 kesäkuu 2014, David Savinkoff wrote:
> It would be nice to have new EmuTOS and Hatari.
> EmuTOS needs some language translated.

EmuTOS v0.9.3?  It's better to comment on that on the EmuTOS mailing
list. :-)

If you mean for the current EmuTOS CVS version, language translations
for that are requested from the translaters only just before next release
(which will be v0.9.4).  You can of course send your own updated
translation to the list, to get it included to EmuTOS.

The CVS snapshots & their changes after after v0.9.3 are following:

After that there has been some memory usage and desktop usability
improvements + small bug fixes to disk handling.

	- Eero

> ----- Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
> > Le 07/06/2014 20:03, Bob Carpenter a écrit :
> > > Eero,
> > > 
> > > In my opinion, I would not wait to release 1.8 for the OS X keyboard
> > > shortcuts. As far as I know, the shortcuts in the File menu have not
> > > ever worked. If we remove the File keyboard shortcuts, I would
> > > prefer that Jerome or Cocoa Pod do this. If I simply change the NIB
> > > file, I am concerned that the NIB and XIB files will no longer be in
> > > sync.
> > > 
> > > While I would love to see Nicolas’ new floppy options added to the OS
> > > X GUI, I am confident that the typical OS X Hatari user is not going
> > > to need to disable one of the floppy drives or change either drive
> > > to single-sided. Unfortunately, the Xcode Interface Builder learning
> > > curve is too steep for me right now. If someone does need to make
> > > those changes, the SDL menu is still available for use.
> > 
> > I don't know how much work it would take to add "enable" and "double
> > sided" to the floppy options screen in OSX, but at least the
> > fileselector should be modified to recognize the new formats *.STX,
> > *.IPF, *.RAW and *.CTR (I don't know if OSX's version filtered
> > ST/MSA/DIM ?)

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