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I do see the Info.plist file when I compile using the generated Xcode project. However, I still have not figured out how to get the project to compile the xib file into a nib file. If you can let me know how to do this, I would really appreciate it. The Build Rules under ALL_BUILD say that the Interface Builder files will be processed using the Interface Builder XIB compiler, but the XIB file is not changing to a NIB in the final application bundle.


I would hate to see these problems delay a 1.7 release. Hopefully, they can be resolved very quickly. Otherwise, your hybrid model might make the most sense. If we can easily document how to get the xib file compiled into the nib file that Hatari needs, we could simply add a Mac compile text file with the correct information on how to change the Cmake generated file to compile the xib file, add the SDL framework and EmuTOS to the application bundle.

Most people (myself, included) simply are looking at Hatari to play old ST/Falcon games. However, looking at atari-forum, there are people who want to compile Hatari for their own reasons. As long as we can tell people how to compile Hatari for the Mac, I do not know whether this has to be completely automated.

Bob C

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tl;dr: I'm getting the SDLMain.nib error as well. Manually copying
SDLMain.nib from my frameworks dir to bundle works - but I
get the X11 UI and no Mac menus etc. Where's the step I'm missing?

I originally created my repository back in January - and this is what
I did now:

hg pull
hg update

make clean

You're right, the cmake build system is broken with the .xib files. xib
files need to be converted to nib file. Will have to check how it could
be done.
Something like that should be done in the CMakeLists.txt :

# We need to compile the interface builder *.xib files to *.nib files to
add to the bundle
# Make sure we can find the 'ibtool' program. If we can NOT find it we
skip generation of this project
FIND_PROGRAM( IBTOOL ibtool HINTS "/usr/bin"
"${OSX_DEVELOPER_ROOT}/usr/bin" )
     MESSAGE( SEND_ERROR "ibtool can not be found" )

# Compile the .xib files using the 'ibtool' program with the destination
being the app package
     COMMAND ${IBTOOL} --errors --warnings --notices --output-format


         COMMENT "Compiling ${RT_APP_ROOT}/rsrc/apple/ios/${xib}.xib")

I need help for that....
xib is a source control friendly format, nib are not, that why it's
better to use xib files for devel.



if .xib files are easier for devel, can't we have an hybrid model and go back to the previous setting using .nib files ? People working on the OSX gui (you or other) can work locally with a .xib files then send the resulting .nib files to be included in the HG repo ?

Unless someone could test the above cmake patch you sent (and fix it if needed), in which case we could keep xib files and convert them locally on each build ?

> More over, the info.plist is no longer copied in the app bundle by
> the cmake build system.... Also need to find why. But I do not know
> anything about cmake...

That's strange ; I don't recall the OSX cmake was changed since 1.6..2, it should still work as before.

I hoped to release 1.7 this week end, it seems it won't be possible until the OSX issues are fixed :(


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