Re: [hatari-devel] Test needed to build OSX version

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On 21/06/2013 00:21, Bob Carpenter wrote:
When I built Hatari this evening, I started using cmake generated Xcode
project. When I do this, Hatari does compile but it immediately
complains that SDLMain.nib cannot be opened. Once I copied it from the
older source code that I had to the English.lproj directory and
recompiled Hatari, then Hatari was able to run.

Jerome told that nib files are now obsolete and replaced by .xib files. I don't know if cmake handle this change alone or not.

Jerome, are you using cmake to build for OSX ?

The next step was to use my Xcode project that I have used for 1.6.2.
When I try to compile using that project, I get 40 linker errors. It
appears it used the clang linker. I have attached the errors to this email.

From a quick look, the files with problems are acia.c and profile.c, which are new since hatari 1.6.2, so your project should be updated.


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