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Le 22/06/13 13:07, Nicolas Pomarède a écrit :


if .xib files are easier for devel, can't we have an hybrid model and go back to the previous setting using .nib files ? People working on the OSX gui (you or other) can work locally with a .xib files then send the resulting .nib files to be included in the HG repo ?

Unless someone could test the above cmake patch you sent (and fix it if needed), in which case we could keep xib files and convert them locally on each build ?

To make a NIB file from a xib file, symply use Interface Builder and "Save As", choose NIB. A XIB file inserted in a XCode 3.2.6 project while be automaticaly compiled as nib file.

Anyway, it's better for now to keep the NIB file for the moment, here is the two lproj folder to replace.


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Description: Zip archive

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