Re: [hatari-devel] WinUAE settings for different machine types

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On 21/05/2012 23:55, Eero Tamminen wrote:

Note that as SDL system dialog [1] has both machine type and and CPU
settings, it cannot change the other settings after user selects different
machine type.  I.e. user needs to know also what else to change when
changing machine type in the SDL GUI.

My patch concerns only changing machine type from command line, or
TOS version from GUI or CLI.  I.e. it's probably better if with SDL GUI
people change the machine type primarily by selecting suitable TOS. :-)

Well, I'm not sure changing machine type should implicitly change bCompatibleCpu and bCycleExactCpu.

I think Hatari should defaut to TRUE for these variables when you start it the 1st time without any config file. So later, if you change between falcon/TT/ST, they remain to TRUE, which is fine.

But if the user forced them to FALSE at one point, I don't think we should override this. He did it at his own risk, maybe getting crashes or worse emulation, but there good be reasong for not wanting to have this set to TRUE (to save cpu power for example, as you said).


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